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    US Energy

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    The president of U.S. Energy called us last week to upgrade a presentation used to introduce their service to clients and investors. Douglas Walch had a slide show that was created over twenty years ago. The presentation was professionally produced and of high quality, but its age was showing. Not only have there been some dramatic changes in the energy market in the past two decades, but fashions change as well. Our job was to remake the show, update the design, revise the data, and maintain the power of the original presentation—and we only had ten days to do it.

    I managed the project—I’ve done this sort of thing dozens of times, but the production of a major presentation calls for the talents of a number of professionals. the Campos Group used both in-house and outside sources to get the job done. Ben Lee, from Blinded by Design, ) did the makeover—his strong sense of design coupled with his ability to re-use many of the existing photographs gave the presentation a fresh look while eliminating the need to photograph or purchase rights for additional images.

    The voice over was recorded at Chameleon Communications with audio engineer Kim Ferullo at the board. We wanted a strong, confident voice, so we selected Dan Kelley, a nationally known voice talent to carry the message. Mark Padak, from the Campos Group, selected background music, sound effects, and did the final audio mixing. Tom Kinney imaged and processed the slides. I finished the job by programming the slide changes and selecting the visual effects.

    While we were preparing the job, we considered future uses for the presentation—U.S. Energy now has the option to use many of the same resources to produce videos, DVDs, web presentations, and point of contact displays. This helps us to help U.S. Energy to tell their story in different ways to different audiences. If there’s a way we can help you, call me at 716-837-1016 or drop me an email.

    Denny Atkinson
    August 29, 2002

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