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Our story

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In the early 70s, fresh out of college, while shooting photography for individuals and local businesses and through interactions with other photographers, George Campos became aware of the crucial need for photographers to have more creative control of their work and a cost effective way to produce it.

In 1979, George opened the Campos Photography Center as the solution to this problem.

The Campos Photography Center, located just north of the crossroads of Sheridan Drive and Niagara Falls Boulevard in Tonawanda, NY, was designed to be a darkroom rental facility where professional and amateur photographers, and other visual artists, could rent darkrooms to do their work themselves, or take workshops on the many aspects of image making.

By the late 80s as the needs of the photographic community changed and as a way to expand our photographic communication options and as our team evolved, we added a complete commercial and reproduction photographic imaging services lab along with print mounting and laminating to our capabilities.

Our reputation as imaging craftsmen (and women) was established as photographers and businesses were asking us to take on any and all size photographic imaging projects, including custom commercial photographic printing and large-scale museum quality print displays and installations.

By the early 90s we could boast of clients from both coasts and many places in between, from Maine to Florida to California, with a good following in Michigan and Ohio, and our own home state of New York, too.

The last ten years, however, have seen significant changes in the products and services the Campos Photography Center has to offer.

Throughout the 1990s as electronic technologies emerged we began to offer digital imaging services including layout & design, composites, enhancement and restoration.

Along with these new imaging tools and the addition of high-resolution digital printing, we have been able to maintain considerable flexibility in the imaging services and output options we can offer our customers so they receive the kind of communication imaging solutions best suited to their needs.

By the mid 90s because of our proven track record as communication problem solvers, we began being asked to not only produce the visual communications, but to help shape and define the communication messages.

To reflect the changing nature of the communication services and solutions we could provide, in 1995 George Campos renamed his growing business the Campos Group.

In 1998, to complete the solutions we could offer, a full-service video production unit was added to the Campos Group.

Video gives us the opportunity to do with moving images and sound what we had been doing with still images and print displays - that is, to create effective visual communications for our customers.

The emergence of the World Wide Web and Internet technologies has allowed for a faster, easier, and more cost effective way to communicate in the global marketplace.

the Campos Group has responded to this opportunity by adding web design to the list of communication solutions we offer.

Our web design has been successful in creating new paths of communication for our customers, and they are designed to allow for the addition of new content in a simple, highly manageable way.

The evolution of the Campos Group into a complete visual communication solutions company gives us a unique perspective with diverse capabilities.

After 24 years in business, we continue to refine our services for visual artists, communication managers and business executives and owners.

the Campos Group has the proven, tested capability of combining print, web, and video into completely integrated communication systems.

And we remain committed to exploring new ways to help you tell your story.

Posted: March 19, 2003

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