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Bagel Jay's

back to being the best

Bagel Jay’s, a local Buffalo restaurant, opened its doors in early September of this year. With a great history behind this bagel business, Bagel Jay himself wanted to tell the story with pictures. The Campos Group responded with a concept to introduce the Bagel Jay’s “family” to its customers.

The goal of the print display was to transform the given space into an inviting atmosphere for breakfast and lunch crowds. The images needed to tell the story of Bagel Jay’s restaurant: back to being the best.

Bagel Jay’s was decorated in muted earth tones of browns and greens, making the atmosphere feel warm and relaxed. The idea was to create powerful images that would occupy Jay’s warm but empty walls. The display was designed using photographs of Jay with his family and friends, relaxing and “hanging out” together.

With our innovative team, the Campos Group can develop a variety of creative possibilities and solutions that will meet the needs of your company. Bagel Jay's needed a way to tell his story to his old and new customers.

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