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Will the real Charlie the Butcher please stand-up?

There is nothing quite like a life-size cutout photo print display when youíre looking to attract attention and get a quick response from your busy customers.

the Campos Group made this point-of-purchase print display cut-out of Charlie the Butcher for the Wegmans supermarket chain to help promote his famous Beef on Weck sandwich. Charlie also uses the cut-outs in his local shops throughout Western New York.

Itís a great way to have Charlie the Butcher in more than one place at a time, and itís a great way to create and build a memorable brand identity for your product or service.

For over twenty years, the Campos Group has created print display systems that are as varied in style and scale as our customers unique needs, and a cutout is just one example of the many print display options we offer to help you tell your story.

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